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David's February Ministry Update

"...your Father knows what you need before you ask him. This, then, is how you should pray..." -Matthew 6:8b-9a Hello, friends! My update from February is coming a little (ok, big) late, but it's here now. Thanks again for all your support and especially for your prayer. Without further ado, here's what God's been doing in my corner of the kingdom: Cedric: Top: Cedric at an outreach table on the Wylie campus. Bottom: At his birthday party, Cedric is about to almost catch a ball of whipped cream in his mouth. Almost.      Small groups (called core) in FOCUS are led in teams of two. This year, I've had the blessing of being paired with Cedric. I've talked about him a little in my blogs before, but this month I wanted to highlight him. He's incredibly faithful and hardworking, taking on a full load of classes, working in a key position at a pharmacy, and discipling multiple guys in 1on1 settings and in our core group. One of Cedric's gifts is humble b