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David's August Update

Find out what pleases the Lord. -Ephesians 5:10 Hello, friends!      If you're new to my support team, welcome! If you've read (or just looked at the pretty pictures in) several of my update blogs, welcome back! It's time for my recap blog for August. Thanks so much for being part of God's blessing me, and God's blessing the students on campus. New School Year: Alex wanted an awkward "first day of class" picture, and whether you wanted it or not, now you get it too. This semester, I'm taking just one class (Intro to Humanities) in order to be considered a student and get access to areas like the campus gym and campus events. I chose this humanities class based off the recommendation of one of Focus' student leaders, who told me it's a great class to openly discuss religion. I asked many local establishments for donations in preparation for Welcome Week. I was blown away with how many that were so generous! This is a thank-you note to Starbucks,