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Happy Trust - June Ministry Update

Happy is he who trusts in the LORD -Proverbs 16:20b Hello, friends!     Summer is here. I think we all have mixed feelings about that. It's hot hot hot in DFW (at the time of me writing this, it'll be above 100 degrees every day this week!), but that doesn't mean it isn't fun fun fun too. For this month's ministry update, I don't have as many pictures as usual, but I still have some exciting news! I am very engaging:      Meet my fiancĂ©e, Alex! This picture is from right after we got engaged at the beginning of June. She's an incredible woman of God, a servant to all, and my love. There's nobody like her. Pray that our marriage will be richly blessed by God and a blessing to him and others! Summer TNF:     I don't have a great picture of our summer fellowship nights, but they have been amazing. FOCUS students from all the campuses across DFW flood in and worship all together, listen to a message inspired by the lessons from our 1on1 discipleship book