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Good Morning! - The First Days of the Apprenticeship

In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice;  in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly. Psalm 5:3 Establish the work of our hands for us- yes, establish the work of our hands. Psalm 90:17b Hello, my friends and team!     Thank you so much for being right by my side as I begin full-time ministry with FOCUS. I couldn't do it without your support (Yes, you, reading this!). I want to give y'all an update as we move into the year! Enjoy!      These are this year's apprentices! It's the biggest class of apprentices yet! There are 19 of us being sent to different colleges in the DFW area. This picture was taken August 1st, the day we were licensed and officially made our commitments to the community. Among the commitments we made, I wanted to repeat this one to you: "Do you promise not to preach yourselves but Jesus Christ, crucified, risen, and Lord of all? - We do, and we ask God to help us."       These three photos were taken at this year'